Pics and Vids




Supporting The Sheffield Folk Chorale in their beautiful performance of One More Song at Cheltenham Folk Festival 2013.


Sarah does Britney! – love this picture – first live shot of the Frivola!!  Pic by Elly Lucas at her own birthday party where FOLK DOES THE 90s!

Sarah sings “My Love is Like a Red Red Rose” at the Raise the Roof Folk Club – Dec 2012:

performing with Doug Eunson at the Raise the Roof Folk Club 13th Dec 2012


Sarah on May day 2012 - photo by Graham Whitmore

Sarah playing the five-string fiddle (frivola?) on May Day (2012) evening after dancing at dawn with Pecsaetan Morris in the Peak District – tired but very happy!! Pic by Graham Whitmore.

Sarah sings “The Year Turns Round Again” (Snowfalls) by John Tams

All verses by John Tams except final verse, written by Sarah

Sarah in Pecsaetan Morris kit at Sidmouth Festival 2011

Tired halfway through the procession – my goodness it was warm!!

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