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I am a full time, self employed folk musician, singer, composer and song-writer living in Derby, teaching and performing.  I play the fiddle, viola, tenor guitar, sing and am a Morris dancer with Pecsaetan, Harlequin and Willington Morris. You may find some of my latest posts interesting on Facebook Sarah Matthews Music .  All CDs available from cothrecords.co.uk..

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Intarsia is an emerging duo of performers from diverse backgrounds.  Jo May and Sarah Matthews have worked together since 2018, combining voice, violin, viola, octave fiddle, tenor guitar, balafon and a whole range of other percussion instruments.

The sounds of these wooden instruments blend to create intricate delivery of original and traditional material inspired by English songs, European dance tunes, West African rhythms and more.

This project provides a unique opportunity for Jo (Against the Grain, Stepling, Token Women) and Sarah (Cupola, Moirai, Cross o’th Hands)  to explore music making they cannot in other areas of practice.  To craft new melodies, investigate unusual time signatures, explore innovative combinations of instruments, and cross boundaries of style and genre.  They will draw you in with lilting, hypnotic, and entrancing music. You can sway, sing or just soak in the sounds.

Intarsia’s performances to date include London, Sidmouth, Bristol and Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festivals.  New album SISTERE now available from http://www.cothrecords.co.uk

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Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews Duo:

Doug Eunson and I play together as a duo and have performed as part of Cross o’th Hands and the Ram Company. We also have duo and band CDs available from cothrecords.co.uk.

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I play with the concert and dance trio Cupola with Doug Eunson and Oli Matthews, playing fiddle / viola, melodeons, hurdy gurdy, sax / clarinet and percussion and singing in three part harmony. We have two albums out for sale at cothrecords.co.uk:


Cupola trio is also working with Keith Kendrick, Sylvia Needham, Pete Bullock, John Titford and Roger Warren in a re-making of the 1977 Tale of Ale – taleofale.wordpress.com.  We now also have a new recording of this album for sale.


The Cupola trio also form up into a quartet with Lucy Ward – winner of the Horizon Award in the BBC Folk Awards 2012.  Look out for Cupola:Ward as an exciting new line-up bursting with new vitality on stage, performing at festivals, with their new album CD Bluebell:


Cupola also combine forces with Andy Cooper on Bass and Ian Wilson on Mandola to form

DanceCupola, an energetic new dance band playing for ceilidhs at festivals and making a great name for themselves: “What a joy! Solid rhythms from the back line of bass and mandola underpin the distinct and exciting music from 3 supreme melody musicians.  The combination gives you DanceCupola.  They are just fabulous to dance to and the subtlety of the arrangements and harmonies make for a truly splendid listening experience as well. Calling with them is sublime and I never want the nights with them to end.”       Martyn Harvey – caller. Solo:

One of my recent projects is a solo album recorded across the last year or so, entitled As I Was Walking and ready for sale at the start of August 2012 from cothrecords.co.uk. This has been an opportunity to explore the fiddle, viola, cello, tenor guitar and vocal harmony investigating what various combinations I could put together, layering track upon track.  It has been an incredible journey, learning new things about my playing along the way, and I do hope you enjoy it too…… Mills and Chimneys Project:

Since 2010, I have had the pleasure of working with several talented local folk artists in this unique Derbyshire heritage fuelled project, writing songs and researching material with Derbyshire history and character.  It has been such a great honour and learning experience to work and perform with David Gibb, Elly Lucas, Julian Butt, Mike Smith and again Lucy Ward.  Just recently we performed with members of Sinfonia Viva and Jack Ross at the Assembly Rooms in Derby with about 400 school children in a remarkable event entitled “Oh how that Valley did Change!” – such a joyous occasion – big smiles all round. Mills and Chimneys Project


This unincorporated association of folk artists is very active currently working with Derby LIVE to develop arts participation programmes for Derby Folk Festival and the annual St George’s Day Celebrations: check out our website for more details: FOLK3D


I am so pleased to be involved in new work supported by Youth Music and Arts Council England, in Children’s Hosptials in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Sutton-in-Ashfield – playing music for and with children and their families, visitors and attending medical staff – humanising the hospitals and bringing a little more culture to the usual clinical environment. Check out our blogs to see what we’re up to: OPUS Music CIC

The Lunar Men:

A newly created piece of improvised story, song and music by award-winning storyteller
Maria Whatton and highly acclaimed folk musician Sarah Matthews.

The Lunar Men is a collaborative and interactive performance piece centred around the extraordinary characters of the Lunar Society, a group of dynamic inventors, experimenters, and philosophers of the Eighteenth Century.  Their story is interwoven with exquisite and comic folk tales, combining Maria’s rich and eloquent storytelling and Sarah’s responsive musicianship and singing. Joseph Wright’s paintings are brought vividly to life in the audience’s imagination.  Alongside Maria’s skilful evocation of other worlds, Sarah brings the voice of the viola to enhance the linguistic landscape.   Percussive sounds and tones create a soundscape, improvised to suit every moment.  This is a celebration of friendship, collaboration, art, science, and wonder.

Check out our new tour at: www.thelunarmen.wordpress.com and keep in touch: Facebook The Lunar Men


In March 2014, I joined Jo Freya (Blowzabella) and Melanie Biggs (All Blacked Up) in this new trio.  Since then, we have had several busy years, with many lovely gigs and have recorded three albums, Sideways, Here and Now and Framed: The Alice Wheeldon Story with WildGoose: www.moiraitrio.co.uk